McDougall & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1976. It is currently owned and managed by Stuart and Scott McDougall and includes apple, pear and cherry fruit packing and orchard operations.

The McDougall family agricultural heritage dates back four generations to 1890 when great grandfather Mike Horan homesteaded in the Wenatchee Valley. Much of Mike's success in the industry came through implementation of innovative growing techniques and constructing one of the first privately owned warehouses in the Wenatchee Valley. In 1908 Mike became known as 'Apple King' for his award winning apples at the 1908 National Apple Show that brought world acclaim to the Wenatchee Valley.

Mike Horan & family in the early 1900's. Pictured are BACK SEAT(left to right): Walt, Esther, Margaret STANDING IN BACK: Kathleen FRONT SEAT(left to right): Mike & John.

Upon Mike's death in 1919, his sons John and Walter formed Horan Brothers partnership and continued their father's tradition of growing, packing and shipping quality apples and pears. After John's death in 1953, Jacquelyn Horan, daughter of John, and her husband Robert McDougall took over management of Horan Brothers. In 1954 Horan Brothers partnership was incorporated into Horan Brothers, Inc.

In 1960, Robert and Jacquelyn formed McDougall Orchards, Inc. to purchase and lease orchards with fruit being packed under the Horan label. Other orchard companies were formed in subsequent years.

Horan Orchards and the Wenatchee storage, packing, and shipping factilities circa 1950.

1976 brought the fourth generation of the McDougall family into the agriculture business with Stuart and Scott. In 1976, Horan Brothers, Inc. was reorganized, with warehouse operations going to McDougall & Sons, Inc. and orchard operations remaining in Horan Brothers, Inc.

The McDougall & Sons, Inc. Wenatchee plant and Horan Orchards pictured here in 1977. Today, the plant is bordered by Wenatchee Confluence State Park.

For over 100 years, the Horan-McDougall family has been involved in the fruit industry as growers, packers and shippers providing quality apples, pears and cherries to consumers worldwide.

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